Tuesday 17 January 2012

If it wasn't for comping......

If it wasn't for comping I wouldn't be blogging!

If it wasn't for comping, I wouldn't be producing my own comping magazine.

If it wasn't for comping, I wouldn't have learned all the computer, internet and Twitter tips that I share.

If it wasn't for comping, I wouldn't have
  • had a trip round the world
  • visited the Great Barrier Reef
  • taken tea on a balcony overlooking the Himalayas
  • stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon
  • stroked the nose of a real live whale, in the wild
  • drunk champagne that costs £150 a bottle
  • cooked with chef Atul Kochar, in his Michelin starred kitchen
  • appeared on The Good Food Show Christmas Quiz on TV
  • avoided the traffic jams at the British Grand Prix by arriving and leaving in a helicopter
  • spent a New Year weekend in a country house filled with friends
  • had trackside seats when a World sprinting record was broken
  • been able to shower family members with goodies and even holidays, that I could never have given them otherwise
But more importantly, if it wasn't for comping, I wouldn't have gotto know all the wonderful friends I have made through the hobby, some of them now real "in-the-flesh" friends  and some of them still virtual ones.

What would YOU not have done if it wasn't for comping?


  1. Friends are, of course, a very special part of comping. I COULD say some things that others might find very rude about the people who have slept at my house not to mention my errrr, cat and the goings on of the president of LCC with a friend's cat!

    Perhaps it may be more polite to say we wouldn't have been at the football world cup final in Japan; nor would we have stayed at the Beverly Wilshire [Pretty Woman] Hotel for a week. We'd have missed flying a hot air balloon in the Italian Alps, cruising the Caribbean and Med.Hubs wouldn't have gone white water rafting in the Canadian Rockies, nor would he have been hang gliding or microliting. Our younger daughter and I wouldn't have had breakfast with Gaby Roslin. We wouldn't have had a romantic sunset dinner at Le Jules Verne Restaurant halfway up the Eiffel Tower and there's NO WAY would I have had the best seat at Cityscapes Restaurant towering 48 floors up at The San Francisco Hilton. We wouldn't have been "behind the scenes" at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre at Sausalito where even the VIP donors aren't allowed. I wouldn't have had a cheque for £10,000 the week after my husband was made redundant. Family and friends would't have enjoyed a fantastic catered BBQ at our home....the list goes on and on and I hope, in the years to come, we will continue to add to it.

  2. Oh Catgran, you've just reminded me of the most exciting thing of all that I wouldn't have done......


  3. ooooh, you got to hug Juan Sheet (mmmm), I am so jealous! If it wasn't for comping, xmas 2011 would never have happened as the company I worked for went under and could not pay me so the turkey that I won and the little bits and bobs I gathered up over the year meant we got to have a brilliant day! If it wasn't for comping, I would not be going on a 5* weekend to Miami just days after I turn 30 in April, I would not have had a great family weekend in London with VIP treatment at the Rainforest Cafe, we would not have had designer clothes and I certainly would not have owned a MuuBaa jacket BEFORE Cheryl Cole had one! We would not have had half the things that we have without comping! We would have not been on amazing days out that we could not have been able to afford without this wonderful hobby that brings us all together!

  4. Wow what a list! If it wasn't for comping I wouldn't have enjoyed lots of family days out last year... things beyond the monthly budget that I was able to take my daughter too... The safari park, Lollibop festival, Gullivers Land, In the Night Garden live, Enchanted Christmas... some of the best memories of the year!!

  5. Well, it's taken me a week - but here's my response Jane! It was loads of fun thinking up my list! :)



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