Privacy Policy

Use of your Data

The Competition Grape Vine will never sell your data or give it to anyone not directly connected with Grape Vine except for administrative purposes  necessary for the your entry into a competition.

If you enter a competition on the website or blog, your information is stored for one month after the competition closes. This is in case the winner does not respond or declines the prize, to facilitate redrawing. After this period, your information is destroyed.

As for cookies..... well. this blog is hosted by Google and I've searched high and low for some way of  finding out what cookies are used and for what purpose, and what I can do about it - but I've drawn a blank. So all I can say is that  there are no cookies used for my own purpose, and that the blog is presumably covered by a blanket Privacy Policy of Google's.

If anyone has any advice or hints about cookies it would be greatly appreciated!