Sunday 2 June 2013

How to comment on a blog that uses Disqus

If you use Internet Explorer, you've probably tried to comment on a blog and got a message along the lines of:

"Disqus does not support your version of Internet Explorer. Please upgrade to version 9 or above"

So you go to check what version you are using. Yes, you are using version 9 or even 10.  You try again - still the same message. You shout at the computer, "Look, it says it there in black and white, I AM using the right version!"  You refresh the page. You clear cookies. Still it stubbornly refuses to let you comment, and you eventually give up, leaving your comment unsaid, or the competition unentered. You might even go and leave the blog owner a sulky message on Facebook or Twitter.

Sometimes there is a little symbol, like a sheet of paper torn in half, in the address bar next to the refresh button. Clicking on this takes you to "compatibility view" which sometimes helps. The trouble is, if you ARE already using a compatible version, and Disqus can't see it, you won't be offered that option!

The most common answer to the problem is "use another browser" and if you have access to one, like Safari or Chrome, then that's great. But not everyone has one or wants to download one, and many compers aren't familiar with anything but Internet Explorer. So what can you do?

Actually there is a really easy solution!


When you do that, a box pops up. Look at the top right of the box - it will say something like  "Browser Mode IE 10 Document Mode IE8 Standards"  Click on where it says Document Mode and a menu appears. Choose "Internet Explorer 9 Standards" from that menu and the page will refresh, and the comments box will magically appear.

Disqus seems to have started trying to make you register and log in every time you comment, and so far I haven't found a way to make it keep me logged in - but when I do, I'll add that to this post!


  1. Hi Jane, thanks for drawing this to my attention. I saw somebody else on internet explorer mention this. But I have to say still keeping disqus and it has been the best commenting platform I have seen. I get no spam, I can follow what other people are up to online and love the ease of use. I find joining disqus I am always signed in so don't know if that is an option? You may be able to sign up without adding to blog. Going to see what I can find out for anyone having problems may post what you said above somewhere in my blog posts from now, thanks.

  2. And to add it boggles me why anyone would have internet explorer over chrome. My mother was using it still when I went to visit her & her computer was like a snail online. I put chrome on for her and she is super happy as now she whizzes around searching for stuff and much happier online.

    (P.S: No captcha on disqus LOL I hate captcha makes me want to hit my head off walls lol)

    1. I kept getting The Blue Screen Of Death and my daughter, who is a very skilled software developer, analysed the error message and told me it was because I had Chrome installed and I should remove it immediately.

  3. Sorry keep thinking of things LOL I just noticed you can log in via google now. I think that it recent (or I need my eyes checked out). That was straight log in, no need to go log in with disqus.

  4. I prefer IE over Chrome, Kelly, and I haven't noticed any difference in speed. The only thing I use it for when I need to comment on Disqus, and even then it takes a long time to login in the bloody thing, you need a Disqus password, which I think is pretty obnoxious of them.


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