Sunday 29 January 2012

Twice the prize!

A few weeks ago, I spotted a tiebreaker competition on the Facebook page of Jack's Male Grooming. There was a lovely prize - £250 worth of men's grooming products for the person you nominated. And I thought of a really good slogan (although sadly I've forgotten what  it was now - Christmas rather got in the way of things!). The trouble is, my husband really isn't keen on scrubs, gels, potions and moisturisers, but I knew my friend Kevin would appreciate the prize, so I nominated him.

I was really excited to hear that I had won - as many of you will agree, winning a treat for yourself is wonderful but winning a treat for someone else is even better! They wanted to do a prize presentation, with some of the girls from Jack's shop, so we agreed to meet in Kevin's central London office on Friday afternoon.

The girls duly arrived, not with one box of male grooming products but with TWO! To my complete surprise, there was a complete set of products for me too. Each box included a selection of hair, body and skin care prodicts and £70 of vouchers to spend in the salon.

What a lovely prize - and twice the prize I'd thought it was going to be!

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