Thursday 19 January 2012

Hand made Thursday - more cards

This year I made two New Year's Resolutions

1. To declutter the house
2. to make at least two cards a week instead of spending my crafting time shopping for new stash

If I can clear the mountains of stash, I'll have achieved both resolutions!

My first move was to go through my huge pile of craft mags. I set aside the ones I  return to for inspiration over and over again as I know I will never part with them. Then I made another, smallish, pile of those that have just one project in them that I want to either recreate or base an idea  of my own on. The  remaining mags were parcelled up and posted to a lady I have just "met" online who makes cards to sell to raise funds for charity.

I recently bought a set of music themed stamps, featuring Beethoven (if anyone ever sees a stamp with Mozart on it, please let me know!)  so one of my first makes of the year used this set and was based on a design in Making Cards magazine.

Then I moved on to a set of Stampin' Up stamps I bought from Amy at CraftyThINKer  and tackled my own interpretation of a card featured on her blog but originally created by Jade at Jaded Crafter

Thank you for the inspiration, ladies!
The crafting and decluttering goes on - I've neglected my stamps for too long and i'm loveing getting back into stamping again. And if I make more cards than I can use, I know that hand made cards for RAF personnel serving overseas to send to family back home are always welcome at OBWS

I am joining in Hadmade Thursday on White Lily Green

Inspire Me Beautiful


  1. What beautiful cards!!

    I love the idea of sending them so serving personnel can send home. x

  2. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Loving the idea of sending them for the RAF personnel too - that's lovely!

    Thank you for linking up! I shall look forward to seeing more of your creations!

  3. I think using up your stash is a resolution I have too, determined to use some things.
    Great cards, your are very talented!


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