Tuesday 3 January 2012

What will this year bring?

Happy New Year everyone.

It's January 3rd, so I'm sure some of you have already broken your resolutions - especially if they involved healthy eating, because with the gale blowing outside as I'm writing this and the rain lashing against the window, comfort food isn't a luxury, it's a NECESSITY. So go on, eat that bar of chocolate, I've given you permission!

Did you make any comping resolutions? Is there anything you really want to win this year? I still haven't won tickets to the Olympic Games, so they are high on my wish list. I once won tickets to the opening ceremony of the World Athletics Championships, when they were held in Seville, and then later won tickets to the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, when they were in Manchester, so it would be perfect if I could win tickets to the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

Next on my win-shopping list is an iPad. I gave in and bought one for myself this year, but since I started to use it, I have had so many envious looks from my husband that I'm trying to win one for him.  The iPad displays photographs beautifully, and if you have ever seen the wonderful photography on his blog, Mark's Veg Plot you'll  see how invaluable it would be to him. Here is one of his photos - of the very apt "Grape Vine" cheese plate I won in the recent Waitrose competition.

......and another photo of it after being filled.....

As well as big prizes (cash, a holiday and a car would be lovely!) I'm also trying to win lots of baby things, as my second grandchild is due in April, and craft goodies as I've promised myself  I'm not going to buy any this year. I made the "craft ban" resolution last year, and won lots - but even so I didn't manage to keep it for very long. And if I'm lucky enough to win tickets to the "Make It" show in Farnborough next month, I can see my willpower crumbling even faster this year.

My other non-comping resolutions are to make two Christmas cards a week all through the year,which will help to use up some of the card and paper I overspent on last year, and to declutter the house. We're half way through the first week already and I haven't started yet, so maybe I shouldn't be sitting here typing, surrounded by clutter!

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  1. I really hope your Olympic tickets wish comes true - it will be a brilliant experience! I know because I have won two trips to past Olympics in competitions. The Moscow Olympics and the Barcelona Olympics. Saw opening ceremonies at both and really good seats at loads of events. Mars ran the Barcelona comp and in addition to the trip gave us lots of gifts too - souvenirs of the Games etc. Hotel in Moscow had been "built" hurriedly for the Games and one of the other prize winners wore his shoes to bed each night as he was convinced the building was swaying - and wanted to be prepared for a quick exit! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - and myself!


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