Wednesday 25 January 2012

Three Little Words

A couple  of days ago, some of you may have  seen tweets from me asking you to tweet the three words that sprang to mind when you saw a tweet from me. I was very relieved that not one of you said "Not her again!"

These are the replies I got

Very useful information!
My friend Jane.
new comp great!
Specsavers subscription justified!
Has she won?
Comps, cards, advice
helpful, informative and wise
yay witty comps
Helpful, friendly, fun!
Yippeeee comp ta
information competition advice
sideways, forward, honest
informative comping information
competitions, freebies, happy :)

Thanks very much to everyone who joined in - and now my head has subsided to its normal size after being swollen by all those lovely comments, I'll explain what it is all about.

I am currently taking part in the 30 Day Twitter Challenge by Nikki Pilkington and that day's task was to use the three word question to  find out whether what your followers associate with your tweets is  actually what you are trying to put across. I'm glad to say I seem to be giving you all the right idea about me!

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