Friday 22 June 2012

What's your funniest ever win?

Since I still can't get on line properly, I thought I would let YOU write this blog post, so please join in!

I'd like as many people as possible to join in and tell me - what is the funniest prize you have ever won? It could be something that made you laugh, like a trip to a comedy show or a really funny book or DVD, a serious prize that went hilariously wrong, or something that made other people laugh at the thought you had even entered for it.

Some of mine are

A spa day where the mud massage bath went wrong and sprayed the whole room with mud
A pair of electric vibrating knickers with packaging saying"New! Now washable!"
A holiday to Malta that went so disastrously wrong we had to laugh or we'd have cried
Tickets to a stand up comedy night which we went to straight after a rather boozy prize party at which we won a Duracell rabbit who became the star of the comedy show audience

I'm sure your comments will remind me of a lot more funny prizes I've had over the years.


  1. The only prize that comes to my mind is Haribo Easter Hamper that arrived in June... ;)

  2. Margaret JeffreyFriday, June 22, 2012

    Amongst a number of amusing prizes, I remember a prize of a year's supply of paper knickers! This was fine providing you didn't get caught out in a downpour of rain!!

  3. i won a big black d*ck! when it arrived it was ENORMOUS! it was as big as my forearm and really heavy - i'm still not quite sure what to do with it - i thought it might be a useful murder weapon, they'd never work out what caused those rubbery veiny injuries!!

  4. horse food is my funniest I am allergic to horses .. this was closely followed by tickets to a horse show...

  5. I won a Danish bacon competition back when I was still a strict vegetarian. The Radio DJ turned up on my doorstep, I was broadcast live on Tony Blackburn's show and the DJ was waving prize bacon in my face - I nearly threw up! (I did win £500 vouchers to go with it though!!)


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