Saturday 4 May 2013

What have you never won?

Or rather, what do you long to win but have never won YET?

When I was filming for the forthcoming TV programme "Something for Nothing", I was asked several times "How many cars" I have won! After all, I've won lots of holidays -  I've lost count now but it's probably around 40 - so people who assume compers are always winning cars, cash and holidays think I must have won several cars over my 28 years  as a comper.

But the fact is, apart from a radio controlled model car, I've never won a car in my life. In fact I don't think I've ever even won a runners up prize in a competition with a top prize of a car.

I know of several people who have won cars, sometimes three or four of them, but it's the one major prize that has always eluded me. Older compers will remember the famous Joy Thorpe, who didn't win a car until she'd been a comper for 25 years, so I've even outdone her in the carlessness stakes now!

But there is one other thing that I would dearly love to win, even more than a car (after all, I'm no petrol head, I see driving as a rather painful chore). A goody bag. Not just an everyday promotional goody bag, I've had my share of those, some good, some bad, some amazing (if you ever see a competition for a goody bag on the National Geographic website, go for it!). No, what I want to win is one of those incredible goody bags that get handed out to people attending awards ceremonies. The BAFTAS, London Fashion Week, The Orange Awards for Fiction, even - and this is really a long shot - the Oscars.

Those goody bags contain some amazing gifts - books, perfume, wine, watches, even sometimes holiday vouchers, and every time there is an event there are competitions to win goody bags. I enter every single one I can find, and have been doing for many years. One day I'll win one....... one day!

So what about YOU? Is there anything you've been longing to win but just can't seem to succeed with? Why not comment below. you never know, I might just be able to find you a suitable competition to enter.


  1. I am desperately trying to win an iPad. I know there are loads of comps for them at the moment and I enter all I can find. In the meantime, I am saving up for one, nearly there. My granddaughter asked me to win her one, so maybe after I've bought mine a win will come along.

  2. I really want to win a kitchen, and I'm positive this is the year!

    Good luck with the goodie bag!

  3. It is true, I tried for years to win Wimbledon Tickets and last year I did (and a ltd edition coffee machine on the way) but there are some prizes that I get kind of hung up on, for years it was a Weber BBQ and we kept buying cheap ones every year as I said, I'll win one this year, needless to say I didn't and hubby got sick of waiting and splashed out in the end! I am with you on the goody bag I would love to win one but for me that elusive prize is a DREAM holiday with spending money and the works! But like Di this year a new kitchen would be very welcome (or DIY vouchers as hubby is a joiner!)
    Good luck all x

  4. Being a tennis fanatic I too have tried to win wimbledon tickets , the VIP posh seat ones, for years but never got to win. All my trips to wimbledon I've had to pay for, and sit way up in the stands or out on the grass on Henman Hill.
    I've won tickets to Queen's Club , Eastbourne and Nottingham over the years but never the big one!

  5. I have never won a weekend break despite entering for loads of them, I have a friend who wins about four a year, I will keep trying I'm determined.

  6. I would love to go to a film premiere and mingle,with a gorgeous dress(hopefully supplied as well!)

  7. I'd really love a Smeg Fridge or a new kitchen (did win a car and a BAFTA goodie bag a few years ago though) ;-)

  8. Hi Jane, I would love to win a car but I think the competitions must have thousands of entries so chances of winning are very slim. Well done for winning all those holidays. i would love to win a holiday as well (being greedy). My friend enters loads on her local radio and wins all the time. I feel like the poor relation with my small wins.
    Looking forward to the TV programme and hope all goes well on your Danube cruise after all the problems you have had.

  9. I,m loving all your comments. It's great to know I'm not the only person to daydream about the prizes I would love to win! I'm going to look out for comps for some of these longed-for prizes and list some in a follow up post in a few days

  10. I would love to win anything with a value of over £500 to get on the frontpage of Grapevine! In truth I'd love to win things to help with our new baby - a year's supply of nappies, or a go-kart for our four year old son.

    I too get hung up on certain comps - we have loads of Magnum Infinities to eat and I still find packets of Smints from its iPad comp last year (or was it the year before?)!

  11. Lorraine HarrisonSunday, May 05, 2013

    I have been lucky enough to win a car, and some really nice holidays, but I desperately would like to win a new kitchen. It's ten years old & looking very tired, so that is definately at the top of my wish list.

  12. Never won a car, holiday or significant cash prize but right now I would dearly love to win a new PC as this one is so slow and glitchy


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