Saturday 13 July 2013

More about my TV appearance

In the few weeks since I appeared on the TV Show "Something for nothing", I've been inundated with questions about it, so here are a few answers to the things you all seem to be dying to know!

Why wasn't Grape Vine or the blog mentioned at all?

I really wish I knew! They promised me there would be a plug for it when I agreed to appear on the show, and filmed quite a bit about it, but not only did it all end up on the cutting room floor, they actually mentioned several OTHER comping magazines and sites but not mine!

How long did it take to film?

Ages - there was about six hours of filming, all on one day, although I actually gave up two days for them because the first day they were due to come, they didn't turn up and only let me know a few minutes before they were due to arrive. There were several telephone interviews too,  each of between half an hour and an hour. Next time you watch a programme like that on TV,  just imagine all the time it has taken to make, with 3-4 people working for a full working day on each 10 minute slot (plus all the time editing it in the studio)

Weren't you nervous?

No, not at all - the crew were warm, friendly and chatty, and I was in my own home and my own town, so apart from trying to remember to talk to the interviewer rather than the camera it was really relaxed and easy. I've noticed the same every time I've been on TV: whether they are quiz show hosts or interviewers for magazine programmes, the professionals are very aware that the people they work with aren't used to the cameras, and are very skilled at making you feel relaxed.

How much were you paid?

Not a penny! I've been on TV several times and never been paid a thing (although I've won some nice prizes  on quiz shows - including a fitted kitchen). I think all the budget is spent on the Big Names!

What about those vibrating knickers? How did you win them? Why did you enter for them? Why did you keep them? 

Well, were any of you ever members of the newsgroup uk.rec.competitions? When I first started comping online, in 1999, that's where I did all my comping, and great fun it was too. And as a result of some joking and joshing, I got a *ahem* Certain Reputation. I made a point of seeking out and posting comps of an Adult nature, and of course having posted them, I felt obliged to enter them! The pants in question were won from the Madstock site, which was run by a friend, and entering for them was just a bit of fun. But goodness me, they have been useful over the years! For some years, I used to go around and do talks about comping to groups and clubs like the Townswomens Guild and Womens Institute, and I would take them along to show how unusual the prizes you win can be. The ladies loved passing them round and setting the vibrator off - I was forever replacing the batteries!!! Since then they have also starred in several TV and magazine articles about comping - they are stars in their own right! I'd never dream of parting with them!

Where did you win your clock table from, and where can I get one like it?

That must be my most-envied prize of all time, more so than any of my biggies! Everyone who comes to the house falls in love with it. It's a handy little table and a good clear clock face - and it lives in front of the sofa where guests sit, so I know they are never going to outstay their welcome! I won it from an Advent competition a few years ago, and I'm afraid I have no idea where you can buy one, or even if they are generally available or just made for that particular promotion. I've searched online for them but have only found elegant antique style ones, not simple modern designs like this one.


  1. Great blog, and nice story. I too loved the clock table :-) Real shame about them missing out anything to do with the Grape Vine though :-(

  2. I was rather disappointed you were on holiday while the show was on Jane, as there was so much Twitter chat about it - you would have loved it! I was amazed they didn't mention Grapevine - half-arsed researchers to blame, I'm sure. Although to be honest - the name 'something for nothing' suggested they should have plugged the free comping sites, Facebook and Twitter, if anything. I really enjoyed the show though - you were great!

    1. Thanks Di. I pointed out to them that the shopping part of it was a waste of time because it defeated the object of Something For Nothing, and I gave them details of lots of free websites and forums, including Prize Finder of course. But I think they had already decided what they wanted to show before they even arrived, so they only showed what fitted their plan.

      And of couse if it had been shown when they told me it would be, it would have been several weeks before my holiday!

    2. It was very interesting Jane, I actually watched it on my computer, on catchup, later in the week, but I do agree, it was too much 'shopping', & not enough information for non compere.
      Regarding your 'vibrating knickers', they were a scream, & as you say, you never know what you can win, my strangest prize was a packet of condoms, which I gave to my son, and they turned out to have been punctured, and the result was my Grandson, now almost 13. !!
      Anyway IF there is another similar programme, maybe, IF you're not being paid, they do at least mention GrapeVine, or any of the free comping outlets you mentioned.
      Cheers Jan.

    3. It is such a pity as they asked me for all sorts of info about how to start comping and my top 10 tips for compers, and none of that was used!


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