Thursday 23 February 2012

Win whisky every week with Jura

Jura Launches “Whisky Pursuit” to Win a Free Bottle Every Week for a Year

 Jura has launched a second version of its Pub Quiz aimed at testing the knowledge of its community of ‘honorary Diurachs.

Called “Whisky Pursuit”, the quiz will pose a different question every week, each one themed around one of six categories, in honour of the much-loved board game! Every week for six months, Jura will be giving away one bottle of Jura Superstition to a different lucky recipient for correctly answering the Question of the Week which will be posted on

The person or people who have given most correct answers at the end of the 6 months will be entered into a prize draw for a limited edition bottle of Isle of Jura 1976, worth around £500, of which there only 500 in the world.

The quiz will cover all sorts of weird and wonderful facts and trivia concerning both Jura and whisky more generally. From the Writers’ Retreat to the history of the island, the quiz is designed to be a true test of trivial knowledge! To take part, contestants will need to register at

 Distillery manager Willie Cochrane said:

“More than 5,000 contestants took part in our first online pub quiz, so we thought we’d bring it back with a twist! Anyone who grew up playing the old board game will hopefully feel a bit nostalgic playing our special Jura version. We’ve come up with lots of trivia about our whisky and the island, so hats off to anyone who answers every question correctly. They will be worthy winners of our special Jura 1976!”


  1. I can't seem to get the link to work :(

  2. I've tried it just now and it works - maybe their site was down when you tried

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