Wednesday 10 July 2013

Win a Fondant Fancy party cake

I used to love fondant fancies as a child. One of our favourite family outings was a trip to Lymm in Cheshire, where a small tea room stood beside Lymm Pool - an old fashioned place even by the standards of the 1960s - and we were always treated to tea and fondant fancies. My brother and I would always refuse tea to drink at any other time, but in that genteel little room with the plate of fondant fancies, no other drink would have seemed right.

Now Kavey Eats is giving you a chance to win a Fondant Fancy party cake - a beautiful chequerboard of individual fancies. For a chance to win, head over to her competition page where you can get up to three entries, one each for commenting, liking the Facebook page and tweeting about the competition. You have until August 2nd to get your entries in.

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