Monday 1 July 2013

Win a 6 months subscription to Grape Vine

Should there be an apostrophe at the end of months? a 6 months subscription or a 6 months' subscription? At this time of month, I always  find myself wondering!

Anyway, apostrophe or not, our monthly competition is now open for July and you'll find it on the competition page - why not bookmark the page and come back every month to enter? In June there were only 175 entries - entries to all comps, big and small, tend to drop off during the summer months when people are busy with holidays, families and gardens, so make the most of your chances!

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  1. Erm, I think because you include 'a' it becomes singular, so it's 'a six month subscription', otherwise I think I'd go with 'win six months' subscription to..'. I could well be wrong though!


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