Tuesday 26 March 2013

Win £100 with Penny Golightly - HURRY

Are you familiar with Penny Golightly? If you like to live well, yet are on a tight budget, it's the place to go for hints, tips and inspiration, and it's all done in a witty, fun-to-read way. Scrimping needn't be boring or miserable.

At the moment Penny has teamed up with Money Supermarket to look for the "10 Commandments of Savings" and readers are invited to send in their tips to enter the competition. Each tip that makes the final 10 will win £100!

Read about how to enter here  and don't forget, your tip needs to be about savingS - the money you are putting away for a rainy day - rather than about money saving in general. Washing out plastic containers and using them for seedling pots, as my husband does, may be a very thrifty idea but he'll have to save it for another competition!

You'll need to hurry though, the competition closes at 10.30 am on Friday 29th March.

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