Tuesday 26 March 2013

QUICK! Your child could win a family set of bikes!

Request an activity sheet in a participating Tesco café (Tesco cafés are odd, some are owned by other companies but are still Tesco cafés, others are completely independent, so you'll need to ask in yours) when buying a child's hot meal. They don't seem to give the sheets out automatically and getting them to part with one at all is like getting blood from a stone. Which ought to make this a low entry competition.

 Get your child, aged 12 or under, to colour the picture, and hand it in by 31 March.

The prize is a complete family set of bikes - 2 adult and 2 child bikes up to a value of £1,200 - with scooters for 10 runners up. The scooters are suitable for ages 6+
This is the A4 sized  form you are looking for - NOT a tiny form at the till  which is a free gift offer: buy 8 children's  meals to get a free set of cycle lights, also closing 31 March.

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