Wednesday 27 March 2013

A caption competition to win an iPad Mini

I do love a competition that makes me use my brain a bit, and I know a lot of you do too. We miss the traditional tiebreaker competitions, so it's great when a caption competition turns up, especially one with a photo that really gets you thinking. And 1st Choice Spares are running one at the moment - with a great prize of an iPad mini.

To enter, head  over to their competition page to take a look at the photo, and then follow the link to their Facebook page to submit your entry, which should be funny, observant and/or pro-recycling and  use no more than 20 words.  .

Do you remember back in January I told you about a mini-essay competition they ran? Well, they have published the winning essay now - you may like to read it to get some inspiration for your caption.


  1. hava quesiton is this caption contest still open ?the picture with a horse? to which email id should the capiton be sent to ?

    1. look at the date of the post, you're a year too late


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