Saturday 2 March 2013

Two great competitons for pet lovers

Pets and House have got two great competitions running for pet lovers.

Their first is for a £20 Amazon voucher. To enter,  visit their Facebook page  and Like it, then the Rafflecopter widget will appear, giving you chances to enter via Facebook and Twitter. This  closes  on March 24th.

The second is for a £10 Amazon voucher. For this, you need to post a photo of your pet at their most relaxed on their Facebook page and will close when the page has 500 Likes.

There's no voting involved (hooray!) - it's going to be properly and fairly judged. The page is run by somebody who is a fellow comper and understands how important that is, so please give it your support!

I don't have a pet at the moment so here is a photo of a baby coati to make you say "aaah"

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