Friday 29 March 2013

Those were the days

I am occasionally given interesting entry forms from competitions from long ago or overseas - no use to enter now, of course, but still interesting. For instance, look at this one which was on the label of a pack of Co-op tights back in 1977.

The tights cost 22p a pair which using this handy calculator  means they would be about £1.07 now, and entrants needed to buy three pairs to get the tokens to enter, but just look at those prizes!
  • a silver Ford Fiesta Car
  • a trip to New York for two on QE2
  • a silver mink fur coat
  • 100 runners up prizes of £10 gift vouchers (about £50 in today's money)
I think if I'd been a comper then I might have been stockpiling tights!


  1. Wow! Much better prizes. Far too many fridge magnets on offer nowadays for my liking.

  2. Wow ... 1977 those were the days ..

  3. Remember the 'order of merit' comps? There used to be loads but not seen one in years. The good old days of comping eh!


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