Wednesday 23 February 2011

Keep the kids amused - and they could win a prize!

For most  parents, this is half term week- and  as  usual the weather is wet and miserable. I've spent most of today out searching for new competitions to put in Grape Vine, and  every shop and supermarket is full of grumpy children who really REALLY don't want to spend their school holidays shopping and harassed  parents and grandparents who have resorted to bribing the kids  with sweets (and will regret it later when the sugar rush and e-numbers start to take effect).

Why not try to channel some of this energy into creativity - and at the same time put your child in the running to win a lovely prize? Artful Adventures are offering your child the chance to win an art set worth around £100 consisting of:

•Wooden easel (choice of colour pink or blue)

• Mister Maker bumper craft box
• Play Dog Magic Ice Cream Playset
• Rainbow Aquadraw

To enter, you will need  to print off the paint by numbers sheet and then get your child to colour it using any technique they like - painting, crayons, collage,  glitter - the more  creative the better! Then upload  an image of the finished result to a blog post or a photo sharing site, making sure you include the age of the artist  a link to Fly Thomas Cook's free online printable games  and  a link to Artful Adventures' competition page. Finally, pop  back to the original page and  leave a message saying you have entered - The instructions don't say you need to leave a link to your entry but I'm sure it would be helpful.

The competition closes on March 6th and you will all be very pleased to learn that the winner is going to be judged rather than being chosen by public vote.

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