Thursday 10 February 2011

I won one - you can too!

Personalised cards, gifts and novelty items seem to be springing up everywhere now - technology means we can have our own photos on anything from cards to cushions, pottery to playing cards. And now  on the front cover of our  favourite magazines.

Recently I was lucky enough to win a spoof glossy magazine cover from Blue Friesian through their Facebook page - and if you are quick, you might have a chance to win one too as they are giving away two prizes every day until Valentine's Day.

They have a wide range of covers to choose from - as well as single pages  and complete 8 and 12 page magazines. All are in the style of well known and familar magazines, making it easy to pick one to suit the occasion. I chose the "Hallo" magazine - I think we all know which mag it is a spoof of! - and used photos of a group of very special friends.  Here is the finished cover:

You won't understand  the meaning behind any of the text - it is all based on our private jokes.  And that is one of the exciting things about the covers  - being fully editable, you can say exactly what you want to say! That means they are suitable for all sorts of occasions as you don't need to use any irrelevant text.

The magazines are very easy to create, but if you DO have any problems, help is at hand and everything possible is done to make the experience of  creating your magazine a pleasure.

If you aren't lucky enough to win one, the prices are very reasonable, especially if you have a printer good enough to produce a high quality image, because then you can purchase a download-only version. But the printed version is of superb quality and reaches you very quickly, packaged so well that even our postie couldn't bend it! And if you want more than one copy - for instance as a wedding souvenir for the guests, or a treat for a child's  party  or a junior football team - the rates for multiple copies are extremely good value.

I'd just like to finish by saying this is NOT a sponsored post! I was so delighted  with the friendly, helpful and efficient service,  the range of titles available and the quality of the finished product that I really had to share it with you all - especially as there is still a chance to win one for yourself.

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