Thursday 3 February 2011

What the #ff is this all about?

Every Friday I get asked the same question several times: "Why  am I  seeing all these Tweets with just names and #ff or #FollowFriday in them?"

Experienced Twitter users have probably been  seeing #ff  for so long that they forget how puzzling it can be to newcomers.

#ff and #FollowFriday are terms used throughout Twitter  - not just among the comping community. One person may want to suggest to their followers other people that they recommend they follow.It has become a tradition on Twitter  that this is mostly done on a Friday, so the hashtag #FollowFriday is used to show that the names listed in the tweet are people worth following. But as a tweet can only be 140 characters long, this is often shortened to #ff. If you are new to Twitter  and not following many people yet, it can be a great way of finding more people with similar interests.

You can do a hashtag search for #ff or #FollowFriday but you will see many thousands of  tweets. It's much better to look at the Tweets of people you already follow and seewho they suggest to you. Click on the names of the people listed, and if you like what you see, hit the follow button!

If you are  a  comper, the most likely names you will see being recommended  are other  compers and businesses who run frequent comps. So all well worth following - as long as you're not too close to the dreaded 2,000 limit!


  1. Thanks for this. Twitter reminds me of the early computing programming language - that was difficult for the uninitiated too!

  2. Thanks Jane, it now makes more sense.


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