Monday 25 November 2013

Win lovely prizes just in time for Christmas!

Ring Automotive are running a competition on their Facebook page  where you can win an iPad, Xbox, iPod or Xenon bulbs - it closes on December 22nd,  just in time for Christmas.

It's a driving game with the prizes going to the highest scorers, but if, like me, you are bad at games you'll be pleased to know that there are  prizes to be won randomly too, just for playing.

And if you ARE good at games but are worried that you might get a genuine high score yet  be beaten by a cheat who has hacked in and faked their score, you'll be very pleased to know that they have already thought about this and they have several mechanisms in place to identify and disqualify cheats - for instance they will be able to actually see the laps driven by those who have the fastest times to make sure their car finishes the race in the correct time; if it disappears or the time doesn't add up it means they can disqualify them

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