Sunday 24 November 2013

Some competitons to cheer up a gloomy Sunday

What a horrible grey, gloomy day it is today. And if you're an English cricket or Rugby fan you'll probably be feeling even greyer and gloomier.

So how about trying to win something - wouldn't that cheer you up?

Here are three competitions you can enter - all use a simple Rafflecopter widget - and maybe the thought that you might have a surprise to look forward to will make your day feel brighter.

The Diary of a Jewellery Lover is giving away a hip flask. Enter here Closing December 15th

They are also giving away a beach radio - it's sand and water resistant and to me it looks as if it has a rather cute face! Enter here Closing December 13th

And Mummy Barrow has three prizes of a set of 500 business cards to be won. Enter here Closing November 29th.

And if all that hasn't brightened your day, here's a cute cat photo for you!


  1. Thanks Jane, I am cheery again. The cat looks happy too - like he/she has just heard you open the fridge door.

  2. Thanks for featuring my competitions Jane :)


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