Friday 10 May 2013

Those prizes you've never won - some suggestions for ways to win them!

A few days ago, I asked what you dreamed of winning and yet had never won. I've been through all your comments and made a list of some of the things people are longing to win, and looked around for suitable competitions. Is YOUR dream prize on this list? If so, good luck and let me know if you win.

I'm not going to say who asked for what, as several of you asked to win the same things, so I'll just list them by type of prize

A new kitchen

Oh, isn't this just typical? There always seem to be kitchen competitions around..... except now! The only one I could find involves playing a game of bingo! The game takes place at 9pm on May 30th.

A dream holiday

My search led me to a listing site I had never seen before, Jet Set Prizes, which specialises in bringing us competitions with exotic holidays as prizes. I'm certainly going to be bookmarking this for regular visits!

VIP Wimbledon tickets

Not VIP tickets, but still Centre Court ones, are on offer at Activ Instinct with a closing date of June 7th.
For real VIP tickets, head over to Costcutter, but hurry as this one closes on May 19th.

A year's supply of Nappies

Here's one you'll need to be extra-quick for, as it closes on May 12th. So hurry over to the Asda Baby Event to enter.
If you miss that one, Made For Mums also have a competition, closing June 6th.

A Car

I couldn't find any current competitions to win a car, but keep an eye out for the ITV competitions as their massive prizes often include one. Several sites list the ITV competitions, including  TV Competitions and Free TV Competitions

A Smeg fridge

Keep an eye on Appliances on Line's Facebook page  - they run new competitions practically every week and one is sure to turn up as a prize before long.

Tickets to a film premiere

These often run at very short notice, so keep an eye on the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of all the cinema chains. Total Film often runs competitions for them - there are no premiere tickets as prizes at the moment  but I'm  sure there will be soon. If "The Stone Roses" appeals, there is  a competition on Channel 4's dedicated website to win premiere tickets and tickets to private screenings.

An iPad

 take care when entering competitions for iPads, especially on Facebook as they are often used to lure people in to entering fake competitions. Stick to Facebook pages and websites belonging to reputable companies. One site to visit is T3, where  they are often given away (along with lots of other lovely tech gadgets) and there is a current competition on the Nurishment website for one, closing May 31st.

A computer

Well, if you win this competition from the Telegraph, you might have to put up with a holiday to Monte Carlo as well!  But don't worry, you might win one of the two runners up prizes of laptops. You have until July 31st to enter.

Well, I've managed to find current or potential competitions for everything that was wished for except a child's go-kart but  if you keep checking the Toys R Us Facebook page,  the Hamleys and Argos websites and in-store are The Entertainer (entry forms are on the counter in most branches) maybe one will come along soon.

I hope you ALL find lots of great competition to enter among the sites I have suggested. Good luck - and don't forget to let me know if you win anything.


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    1. Good luck Irene - especially with the Costcutter one!

  2. Wow thank you, I'll keep fingers crossed for everyone and wish me luck with those nappy prizes - that would be a big help! :-)

  3. have you used
    they also have nice holiday comps, also Blossum Hill wine, are giving away 100 cases of wine, in a few draws over on Facebook, and, have some nice offers, thanks Jane, good luck all

  4. shirley hoskinsSunday, May 12, 2013

    thank you jane


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