Saturday 13 April 2013

Oooh, aren't you lucky?

Do you find people say that when you win a prize? And does it annoy you, knowing that you may have entered dozens of competitions, worked hard at a slogan or video, stayed up until the early hours of the morning hoping to catch one of those elusive winning moments? Luck is what you make it, and the more successful a comper you are, the more ways you will have found of making your own luck. The prizes don't just come knocking on the door, YOU have to invite them into your life!

What about the other things people say about your comping? What are the ones that annoy you, embarrass you or maybe flatter you and give you a little lift? I'd love to hear them! Here are a few of my most often-heard ones, with the replies I give (or would like to give) - I'd love to hear YOURS!

Ooh, aren't you lucky?

Yes, I find the harder I work, the luckier I get.

I never win anything.

Yes, but you never enter anything.

How many competitions do you enter?

As many as I have time to.

I can never find any competitions.

Just subscribe to Grape Vine and I'll find them for you!


  1. This post made me laugh, I get the "I never win anything" comment from lots of people whenever I mention a win I've been lucky enough to receive.

    I don't know how people expect to win when they don't enter anything other than the lottery, and the odds on that are pretty low!

    1. That's reminded me of another one "I bet you're always winning on the lottery!". They really don't understand the vast difference in odds between normal comps and the lottery. Which I suppose is why lottery tickets sell so well.


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