Friday 17 May 2013

Another chance to win a Wood Burning Stove

HotPrice Fireplaces are giving you a chance to win a Wood Burning Stove - maybe something we wouldn't be thinking about in the middle of May, but this year the thought of huddling around a cosy stove is very attractive indeed!

For a chance to win, Like their Facebook page and then Share this photo (make sure you share it, as they will be picking the winner from the list of sharers). You can also comment on why you would like a wood burning stove.

Make sure your share is set to "Public" when you share, or the HotPrice Fireplaces people won't be able to see that you've shared it. This applies to any time you share something as a competition entry on Facebook. You can check that it is public by looking at the bottom of the box that opens up when you click on the Share button. Next to the Share and Cancel buttons, it should say Public. If it says anything else, use the arrowhead at the side of the word to open up a menu where you can change it.

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