Wednesday 23 January 2013

Win a portable whiteboard

How useful would this be? Wherever you work, or if you belong to any kind of club,  or even if you are out and about with a bunch of kids, you must often wish you could have a large sign with information, a warning or just a notice on it. And unless you are in a classroom or one designed for presentations or conferences, there simply isn't one.

But a portable whiteboard folds down to an index-card sized packet so you can whip it out wherever you are, use it and then fold it up and take it home. In a meeting, in a restaurant, even at the park, you still have access to a whiteboard!

Deviltronics are giving you the chance to win one - in fact they have TWO to be won. All you need to do is pop over to their blog and follow the instructions to enter through Twitter and/or Facebook. The competition closes on February 1st.

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