Wednesday 23 January 2013

Pin to win $50 of Amazon vouchers

I have to confess, I've let my comping on Pinterest slip recently. Not because of any lack of competitions on Pinterest, or any lack of interest on my own part, but simply because every time I go on to Pinterest I find myself repinning great craft ideas and recipes. So I was delighted to hear about this competition from Recipe Mash that will let me pin recipes and STILL enter a competition!

First of all you will need a Pinterest account, if you haven't already got one. You can read my introduction to Pinterest and Pinterest comping here.

Next, follow Recipe Mash on Pinterest and then pin to your own  boards as many recipes from their Pinterest board or website as you wish, making sure you include the hashtag #recipemash in the description - that's the text box that appears under the photo when you pin it, NOT the comment box that is  under the photo after it's been pinned.  You don't need to create a special board and you don't need to send them a link - as long as the correct hashtag is in the description, they'll find your entry.

You can enter as many times as you like until the closing date of February 28th. The competition is open worldwide and the prize of $50 of Amazon vouchers will be the equivalent in the winner's local currency.

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