Monday 7 January 2013

Pruning your Facebook Likes

If you are a comper, you will inevitably end up liking hundreds of Facebook pages, even if you never enter "Like and share" competitions. And if you are happy to Like and Share, you could end up liking the maximum number allowed which currently stands at 5,000.

The trouble with liking so many is that you don't get chance to interact with them. Facebook decides for itself which updates you see, however carefully you try to make sure they are allowed, and even if you manage to set it to show them all, there are so many that you only see the most recent few at any given time. So it makes sense to check through them regularly and unlike those you are not currently interested in. The fewer updates that appear in your new feed, the more chance you have of seeing those that you DO want to see.

I've written before about how to prune the pages you follow, but Facebook seems to change every few weeks so here is the current way to do it.

First of all, go to your own Facebook page by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen. Now click on the "Update Info" button below your cover photo,  and use the  "about" button to select "Likes"  (clicking on the photo will enlarge it to make things a little clearer)

Now  click on "Edit" which you will find to the top right of the "Favourites" section and scroll down to the bottom of the Favourites section, just below "Inspirational people you like" (You HAVE all got me listed there haven't you? ....... Oh. ) and you will see "Other pages you like" in the margin at the bottom of the box. Click on that and a pop up appears listing ALL the pages you like.

Now you can go through the list and click the Unlike button against any page you are no longer interested in or simply don't recognise. You will probably find lots that you liked just in order to enter a competition, or worse still  in order to see the details of a competition you chose not to enter.

When you have finished your pruning, click the close button then make sure you go back to the top and click on the "Finished editing" button at the top. And hey presto, that's the first and, for a comper, most important bit of your spring cleaning done!

I've been pruning my own at the moment and I'm being ruthless! After all, it's easy enough to Like a page again if you miss it. But take care not to unlike any that you've entered a current competition with.


  1. Thanks for this, Jane. I had no idea that I'm limited to 5,000 likes nor that I can prune them.
    I'll have a go later.
    The newsfeeds I receive often seem irrelevant.

  2. Thanks for this. I had no idea how much rubbish I was following! It will be great in future to follow what I really want to see!


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