Wednesday 30 January 2013

What's on YOUR winning wish list?

What's on your winning wish list?

Oh, I know, as compers we all dream of winning the big, exciting prizes. Cars, cash, holidays, money can't buy experiences. I've had my fair share of those and I hope I will have more to come. And we love the useful things too..... Shopping vouchers, food and drink prizes, toiletries, nappies if you are a new Mum, bunches of flowers to brighten a dull day. Even the tiniest prize can be a real morale booster.

But of those smaller prizes, which are the ones that mean the most to YOU personally? I am always thrilled to receive a new book, yet a DVD or CD of the same value wouldn't excite me at all. Fragrance, skincare, jewellery and handcare products are favourite treats too. It's lovely to spoil yourself! And now I'm a granny, children's clothes and toys make very welcome prizes too because spoiling the grandchildren is even better than spoiling ypurself.

On top of that, there are some things I'm really making a determined effort to win this year. They include

A set of Downton Abbey DVDs. I know I've just said I'm not excited about winning DVDs, but one of my daughters lives in France and has missed several episodes so she's put in a "Mummy win it" request.

A decent camera. I know I'll never be as good a photographer as my husband, but now I have my food and craft blog I'd love to be able to take decent photos. At the moment the only good photos are taken for me by him!

Tickets to the Make It Show in Farnborough on March 1st to 3rd. I've never NOT won tickets before so it would be a real shock to have to pay for them.

Craft supplies. Regular readers of Onions and Paper will know that I have banned myself from buying new craft supplies, apart from replacing basics. I simply have Too Much Stuff. But prizes don't count as breaking a shopping ban, do they?

A new bathroom. Well, maybe that doesn't actually count as a small prize. But I would love to win one and eliminate not only the cost but the hassle of shopping around and getting estimates. So the hassle part of the prize is the small-but-special thing.

So what are the little things that would mean a lot to YOU? What's on your winning wish list? Do let me know- maybe we can help each other to find suitable competitions to enter.


  1. Great blog post, thanks!

    I have a four year old son and another baby on the way soon, and I would love to win anything practical or that I can spoil them both with this year. The thrill of comping for me isn't how big the prize is, I love any sized surprise the postman brings!

  2. After reading one of your blog posts on the veg box you won I have added one to my wish list.
    This is my first year making a wish list though as I have only ever dabbled in comping in the past.
    A cheeky question to if I may please Jane? ... when a comp asks for your age and it is not a kids comp, you are over 18, should you put your actual age or just confirm you are over 18? Seems like an odd ask sometimes. Thanks

    1. Sometimes they want to know your age to see if you are eligible for the prize, for instance if it is a holiday provided by Club 18-30 or at he other end of the spectrum, Saga. And occasionally to see if you fit the profile of their intended winner. I think this has been done ever since an 80 year old wman won a Harley Davidson in a Durex competiton! But most of the time, the reason they ask for your age is simply for their demographics, to,se which age group

    2. Their promotion appeals to. If you don't want to give your real age, give one that would come into the same age bracket so that you don't mess up their statistics. Otherwise, if alll the 50 year olds who enter say they are 25, the next promotion they run might be for something a 50 year old wouldn't want.

    3. And I'm sorry about the strange formatting of this reply, I can't seem to format or edit comments today

  3. I have just taken up cardmaking so some crafting supplies would be good.
    Also a set of new saucepans as I have some rather mismatched ones.
    Having lost 3 stone over the last year, some Next vouchers to restock my wardrobe would be great
    I could go on....


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