Saturday 5 October 2013

Are you suddenly getting lots of Retweet notifications?

You may have been alarmed recently to see that the number of notifications about retweets you get on Twitter has soared dramatically. If you have email notifications set up, your inbox may well be full of them, and if you look at your @ connect section on your Twitter home page, you may think that some other compers have gone crazy retweeting you.

But don't worry, it's just one of Twitter's "improvements" - Twitter seems to think we want to know every little thing our friends do! So they now tell us when somebody retweets something that we ourselves have retweeted, in much the same way as Facebook tells us if one of our friends comments on a status we've commented on.

Rach at Into the Postbox has given us a very clear explanation of what's going on and why there's no need to worry - I recommend that you all go over there and read it NOW!

And if despite all our reassurances, the notifications still bother you, you can
  • switch off email notifications so you don't get overwhelmed with emails
  • only look at the "mentions" rather than "interactions" in your @connect area
  • use an app that doesn't show them - I don't see them on Tweet Deck or on Twitter for iPad

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