Monday 28 October 2013

Two great competitions from Phones4Cash

At the moment, Phones4Cash are running TWO competitions.

The first is for bloggers, and has a prize of £150. To enter, you need to write them a guest blog post on any aspect  of mobile phones or the mobile phone industry. Full details of the requirements and how to submit your entry can be found here. You have until January 20th to submit your entry, but as the winner will be the one with the most genuine social shares (they don't say how they are going to check they are genuine - I hope they will be checking IP addresses and vote-buying sites to help eliminate cheating!) it's in your interest to enter as soon as possible to collect as many shares as you can in the time available.

The second competition is more accessible to all of us, whether bloggers or not. You could win a PS4 in time for Christmas! Go to the competition page and follow the link to their Tombolas page where there are lots of ways to collect entries by the closing date of December 15th.

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