Thursday 25 April 2013

Your Bingo Call could win you £100

Have you ever been to bingo? I have to admit that until a few years ago, the only times I'd played were at seaside amusement halls and compers' club meetings, so when a friend invited me to go along to a proper bingo hall, I was expecting much the same - "Two little ducks - 22" "QUACK! QUACK!" and "Clickety Click - 66" "Unlucky for some - number 13", so I was rather confused by the rapid barking out of unembellished numbers and all the quick-fire technology. It took all the fun out of it for me - I'd really rather be in a dusty church hall with somebody shaking a bag of balls and cheerfully shouting out the familiar phrases.

So here is a competition that will put the fun back into bingo - your chance to think up some bingo calls for the 21st century. And what's more, you can win £100 for doing it!

Which Bingo are offering a £100 prize and five runners up prizes of £10 for your best 21st century bingo calls, you can submit as many suggestions as you like on their competition page.  And you have until the end of June to play along.

If you're stuck for inspiration here's a tip - think of the dingbats puzzles that are popular in several newspapers. You could get lots of ideas from them.

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