Tuesday 30 April 2013

Win a Year in the Winnin Post Club


 Winn Sommor’s new club booklet will be available at the end of May with even more competitions and prizes available this year: exclusive to members. The competitions are wide ranging and varied – something to suit everyone. New members are being accepted now. (A maximum of 250 members accepted every year so that everyone stands a good chance of winning a prize). In addiction to the 30 page A4 booklet, additional quizzes and competitions are also sent out to members in October each year.

To join, send a cheque or postal order, made out to Winn Sommor, for £14 to:
The Winnin Post Club, Ref GVB
 Erica Handling House,
LN4 4NR.

If you require more information or samples of competitions before purchasing, send a SAE to the above address (then if you decide to order, deduct the £1 from the membership cost and send £13).  Mark your return envelope “samples” THIS OFFER IS ONLY OPEN TO GRAPEVINE READERS INCLUDING READERS OF THIS BLOG.
Winn has given me a year's membership of the Winnin Post Club for one of you to win. Now if you've ever read it before, you'll know that I sponsor the limerick competition that she includes every year. So I'd like you to show me your limerick writing skills. So what I'd like you to do is write me a limerick - any limerick at all, as long as it has something to do with comping. It could be about a prize you have won, or one you would like to win, or a lucky charm to persuade the "comping fairy" to visit you, or even a limerick to tell me you've won nothing so far. But it MUST use correct limerick format. Oh, and it must be fit for publication on this blog! I will laugh like a drain at anything crude, filthy, slanderous or blasphemous but I'm afraid I can't consider it for a prize.
Email me your entry with the subject LIMERICK - please make sure you use the correct subject so that it doesn't get mixed up with other correspondence. You don't need to give your address as this stage, I will contact the winner for their details.

1. Competition closes 31st May 2013 at 11.59 pm
2. One entry per person (however if you are a Grape Vine subscriber, you can also enter the subscriber only competition in the May issue)
3. No bulk, automated or third party entries.
4. Judging will be done by an independent panel of expert compers and their decision will be final. Winner will be notified as soon as their decision has been made. Winner will have two weeks to claim their prize - if they fail to respond, a new winner will be chosen.
5. UK entrants only, aged 18 or over
6. The prize is to be supplied by Winn Sommor. If the winner has already joined for this year, they will win their 2014 membership instead.
7. The prize must be accepted as described and no alternative can be supplied. Grape Vine accepts no responsibility for any failure of third parties involved in this competition. (In plain English, that means if Winn gets run over by a bus, there won't be any prize, but we all hope that will never happen!)  


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