Friday 2 November 2012

Urgent note for Grape Vine readers

Today (Friday 2nd November)copies of Grape Vine should be landing on the doormats of subscribers up and down the country. But people have already contacted me to say the bounceback message for the Monster/Londis comp on page 3 refers to an incorrect code. I tested it before I put it into Grape Vine - I test all texts, links and email addresses - and it was working perfectly well when I entered. However I have just been to my bookmarked page to check the terms and conditions, and found that all reference to this competition has been deleted! The promoters must have decided, for some reason, to either cancel the competition completely or to close it early. So I'm afraid it doesn't appear to be worth wasting a text on. How ironic that this should happen while I was actually writing my Friday Rant about promoters changing closing dates!

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  1. not on mine, yet to arrive, unusual, still lets see what sat brings


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