Monday 26 November 2012

A new blog for compers

Earlier today, after reading a tweet, I came across a new blog written by comper Kirstie - you can find it at Random Reviews, Rants and Revivals and I will be adding it to my list of favourite blogs, over on the right.

Kirstie's only been a comper since January and a blogger since October but my word, she has already notched up a great selection of prizes, and has blogged about some great competitions. In fact she is running one of her own with a super collection of prizes.

But what I really recommend to you is her two-part article about Facebook comping, which you will find here and here. Lots of you have asked me questions about Facebook comping, and while I do my best to answer, it isn't really my arrea of expertise. While I "get" Twitter, Pinterest, Rafflecopter and all sorts of mobile apps, Facebook seems so big and overwhelming that it makes my mind goround in circles. So it's a great help to me to be able to read good clear explanations like Kirstie's. I'msure many of you will find her articles useful.

Plus she loves cats, and that's recommendation enough for me!

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