Tuesday 24 July 2012

Your chance to win a guitar

Oooh, my sons in law would never make a mother in law joke again if I were to win this for one of them! The trouble is, they might have to fight each other for it (and don't suggest sharing, they live in two different countries!) - so maybe in the interests of family harmony it would be better if somebody else were to win.

And that's where YOU come in - wouldn't you love to win a beautiful Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster guitar? If you would, pop over to Music Room  and tell them why in no more than 200 words. Be as creative as you can, and show your passion and commitment. And once you've made your entry, don't forget to validate it by hitting the Facebook and Twitter share buttons on the page.

You have until August 24th to get your entry in - plenty time to come up with a really great reason why you should win.

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