Wednesday 25 July 2012

Win a Vespa with Strada

Strada are giving us a chance to win a Vespa LX50 in their latest Facebook competition.

Participants will have to answer weekly questions about the Mediterranean Diet to be able to enter a weekly prize draw for their chance to win an Italian pasta gift box set (4 to be given out each week), and the final prize draw for their chance to win a Vespa LX50!!

If you get at least three of the five questions right, you are in that week's draw. Clues to the answers are given on their timeline (hint - have that open in a separate tab so you don't have to keep clicking back to it). I wasn't told how many questions I got right, just that I was in the draw.

Each week's draw closes on Sunday night and the final draw closes on August 12th.

Make sure you bookmark the page and visit every week, as you need to get at least 3 questions right each week to get into the final draw!!/


  1. this is an awesome comp... but I know I shall forget to come back for the next set of questions... duh!!!

  2. You need to organise your bookmarks - I have daily, weekly and monthly folders and work through them all each day, week or month. Or read my "Organise your online comping" post


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