Saturday 25 February 2012

Abel and Cole veg boxes

As many of you who chat with me on Twitter probably already know, I recently won a Twitter competition run by Abel and Cole, with a prize of a 3 months supply of weekly veg boxes. It wasn't just a retweet competition, you had to tweet them a healthy eating tip. I do like it when promoters run a competition like that - paring my answer down to 140 characters reminds me of the "good old days" of tiebreaker competitions.  Twenty years ago, I used to aim to write at least 10 tiebreakers a week - but I digress.....

My husband is a keen gardener, and for most of the year growns almost all our veg, herbs  and salad, but he is so impressed with our veg boxes that he has written about them over on his blog. We'd both love it if youwere to pop over there and take a look!

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