Monday 5 March 2012

February winners!

A huge round of applause to all the Grape Vine winners for February.

First of all, we had two competitions here on the blog. The first was for a £50 Experience days voucher and was won by

Jo Bryan

The other competiton on the blog was for a year's membership of the Winnin Post club, and was won by

Hayley Kinnaird

Over on the Grape Vine website, the monthly competition had a double prize - the usual six months subscription AND a year's membership of the Winnin Post club. This was won by

Steven Maughan

There were two subscriber-only competitions in Grape Vine during February. These were judged by a panel of experienced compers.

The first was to win a year's membership of the Winnin Post club.  Readers were given the first line of a limerick to complete. The winner was

Carol Pattrick

whose winning limerick was

For beating the February blues
Think Prizes – A Car, Cash or Cruise,
The ‘Winnin Post’ is in sight
With every entry you write
By ‘Sommer’ you’ll be sharing good news!

The second was to win a tub of Rim Wax (for cleaning car wheels) along with the entry form and receipt needed to enter the competition to win a holiday to California. There was a tiebreaker to complete, with the lead in line "I want to polish up my wheels because...." and the winner was

Ian Ryder

whose rather cheeky entry made all the judges laugh:

Rim Wax makes my alloys dazzle,
Sparkling like my Wife's vajazzle

Well done to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered.


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