Wednesday 19 October 2011

Win a wonderful treat for a little girl!

Dolls' prams have a timeless appeal for little girls. And it isn't just the dolls who get wheeled around in them - teddy bears  and even pets get the treatment too. I used to love pushing my cat around the garden in my doll's  pram, and the cat seemed to enjoy it too. At least, he kept coming back for more!

Silver Cross have a beatuful range of dolls' prams, styled to match their well-known Heritage Collection of full sized prams. And now they are offering you the chance to win one. This beautiful pram, the Chatsworth, could be yours simply for answering a question on their Facebook page.

The pram is worth £300 - wouldn't that make a wonderful Christmas  present? And the competition closes at 3pm on November 11th.

I'd like to say "Good  luck" - but I'd like even more to win this for my own granddaughter!

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