Thursday 31 March 2011

A sponsorship plea!

Today's post is going to be very different from my usual ones - instead of helping you to win stuff, I am asking you for money! And maybe if I have ever helped you to win a competition or to understand how to enter one, you might feel able to give something back.

My younger daughter, Fiona Willis-Nunez, lives in France with her husband Juan. Fiona has always loved running and for years she has dreamed of running a marathon. After many months of training (she even went out for a run on her wedding day!) her dream is about to come true. On April 10th she is going to run the Paris marathon.

Fiona has always been a very caring young woman and given a lot of her time to helping various charities, and now is no exception. She is hoping to raise £1,000 in sponsorship, to be donated to Oxfam. If anyone reading this can spare a few pounds, she would really, really appreciate it if you could make a donation through her Just Giving page.

Thank you very much to anyone who feels they can make a donation - I am very, very proud of her achievement, especially as I can't even run for a bus with any degree of dignity!


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