Wednesday 9 March 2011

My tricky quiz - the answers and results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter my tricky quiz, and thank you for all the witty comments from those who entered and  those who looked  at the questions and decided it was just TOO tricky. Here are the answers and the result.

1. What is a riata?

a) a bridge
b) a lasso
c) a yogurt dip to serve with curry

This question fooled more of you than any of the others. Maybe it's because so many of you know me well enough  to know I love cooking Indian food, and maybe it's because if you google the word "riata" the very first hit gives you a wrongly spelled recipe, but the yogurt dip is NOT a riata, it is a raita. The correct answer is b) a lasso.
Many thanks to the person who sent me a link to a second definition of the word, which I can't give here for fear of having my Blogger account closed for obscenity......  I'll try to slip it into conversation some time.

2. A house faces north-south. If a rooster lays an egg on the roof, which way will it roll?

Someone gave me a very convincing explanation of why it would roll south rather than north,and several people said "down".  And I'm sure that IF a rooster laid an egg, it would roll down. But roosters  are boys, they don't lay eggs.

3. If there are 8 apples and you take away 2, how many do you have?

You have the two that you took away.

4. What is the capital of Belarus?

A double trick - you could have answers B or Minsk - I  accepted either and in some cases both.

5. How many months of the year have 28 days?

Some of you didn't spot the fact that I didn't say "exactly" 28 days. In fact all of the months have 28 days, but some have more besides.

6. How many of each kind of animal did Moses take into the Ark?

A lot of you were caught out by this. I had some lovely explanations about how  it is  popularly believed that two of each kind of animal went into the ark,  but that was actually only the inedible ones and there were seven of each edible one. And I'm sure that's so - but it was Noah who had the ark, not Moses. So Moses took NO animals into the ark.

7. Where do Chinese Gooseberries come from?

I managed to trick myself with this question. The idea was that some of you would  know it is another name for the Kiwi  fruit and be tricked into saying New  Zealand, which is where they were first established as a commercial crop, even though the vines originally came from China. So my intention was that the answer I would accept was China.  But my husband pointed out to me that I had not asked where they ORIGINALLY came from so I had to accept New Zealand and  all the other countries where they are grown commercially and even  in domestic gardens. So I accepted every answer for this one- even TESCO!!!

8. Every commercial aircraft carries a flight recorder. What colour is it?

The "Black Box" flight recorder is orange or red. I also accepted bright yellow

9. What food is banned from public transport in many parts of Asia?

The Durian. Most people hate the smell of it (I rather like it).

10. A 3 month subscription to The Competition Grape Vine costs £13.50. How much does a 12 month subscription cost?


There  were 73 entries of which 17 were correct. Of the correct entries, the winner, chosen at random, is  melspur  who has been contacted for her address. I'm sorry there couldn't be prizes for all of you - thank you for entering and for  giving me some great laughs with your comments.


  1. Jane!!!! just promoting you to chief sneak!

  2. Elaine LivingstoneWednesday, March 09, 2011

    well I got 8 out of 10, fell for a couple of them, enjoyed it though, and well done melspur ( and the other 16 who got 10/10)

  3. I really enjoyed this comp! Thanks Jane and well done melspur!


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