Friday 10 December 2010

Have yourself a winning little Christmas

You  may have noticed that I haven't posted much to the blog over the last couple  of weeks. That is because like most of you, I've been  rushing around trying to get ready for  Christmas. There is so much to do at this time of year that something has to go - and in many cases, that means less comping.

But for a keen comper, that can be a good  thing - as people cut down on their  comping time at this time of year, competitions tend to get fewer entries. The competition on the Grape Vine website has a ridiculously low number of entries so far this month! Online compers are concentrating on all the Advent Calendar competitions, so if you make an effort to enter ones that are NOT Advent or Christmas competitions, you will have a better chance than usual.

Check your local newspaper to see if they have any competitions. Entry numbers for local  papers are very often low, and sometimes  at this time of year they don't have enough entries to give all the prizes away. And look out in any shopping centres and malls you visit - most will have a Christmas competition and the majority of shoppers will ignore it in the frenzy of last-minute presernt buying.

Everyone needs a little me-time. The busier you are,  the more important it is to set some time aside for yourself, so  give yourself  a treat of some daily comping time to help to keep you sane! And hopefully to help you start the New Year with some unexpected treats.

Thank you to everyonewho has sent Christmas cards to me at Grape Vine. I would love to be able to  send  each and every  one of you  one  of my hand made cards, but there REALLY  isn't time for me tomake so many, so here is a photograph of one of my hand made cards instead.

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  1. Happy Christmas and thanks for all your help Lorna x


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