Wednesday 22 December 2010

Giving those Christmas Chestnuts a roasting!

Do you remember the days when almost every competition had to be entered by post, with a tiebreaker to be completed in an "apt and original" way? Well,as it's Christmas, I'm going to indulge in a little nostalgia and remind you of some of the phrases that won over  and over again. Hardly original, but they still appealed to the judges, so these old chestnuts kept coming  back year after year, especially at Christmas when  groaning over old jokes is practically compulsory!

So here we go,with a list of my all-time  favourite Christmas Crackers (I hasten to add, these are tiebreakers that have been published on winners lists, not my own entries....) with any product names replaced with a general purpose word like THIS or  IT

  • It's where Santa does his stocking up
  • Wise men know the way to star bargains
  • Prices don't go ding-dong merrily up high!
  • Stuff the turkey, hang the holly, Christmas with this would make me jolly
  • They never reign deer
  • Hark the herald angels sing, This at Christmas  - just the thing!
  • yule enjoy this at prices that won't sleigh you
  • there's a Dickens of a choice to even please Scrooge
  • only a turkey would  shop  elsewhere
  • stable prices  and star value make this the inn place to shop
  • wise men travel from  afar to discover this place's brightest star
  • Liquid assets, that's my reason, investment for the festive season
Can you remember any others?

Wishing you all a very  Merry Christmas and a happy, successful and WIN-derful New  Year

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  1. Not a chestnut I'm afraid, but a few years back I won a Morrisons Christmas comp using the line "Deck the halls with sprouts and cauli" - I still chuckle every year when I hang up my Christmas decorations and think of what a charming display it would make!

  2. ...and I was going to add remember Di's sprouts and cauli! Can I mention someones Ding Dong Merrily on pie? Very Merry Christmas to all compers and a winning New Year!


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