Saturday 4 December 2010

Have you been bitten by the Advent bug?

I wonder how many of you will actually have time to read this post? December  is  a manic month for compers, with dozens  of websites running Advent Calendar or Twelve  Days  of Christmas competitions,  many of which have a new  prize to be won every day. And this year as well as the usual websites, the competitions are appearing on Facebook and Twitter too.

One  lovely competition I would like to give a special mention to is on the Visit London website which has prizes such as theatre tickets and restaurant meals - lovely treats for those of us  living within easy reach of London.

I'm not going to make  a list of Advent competitions here - there is a wonderfully comprehensive list   at Loquax  which tells you  whether you need to enter on a website or through Facebook or  Twitter.  And Superlucky Di had made a list divided up according to the type of prize on offer. Very useful if you are pushed for time and intend to only enter for the prizes you want to win most of all. And if you do start to feel overwhelmed by them  all, there is some very useful advice on the Loquax blog.

I'm not planning to enter very many this year, although a couple of snowbound days when I couldn't head out to hunt for new competitions for Grape Vine gave  me chance to look at them all and choose which I'm going to be trying to make time to  enter during the rest of  the month. But Advents  or not, I've had a super winning week. My  prizes have included

Two pairs of tickets to the Taste of Christmas exhibition from different web competitions
A  Stoves double oven-  this was from a competition on their Twitter feed and will be wonderful for all my Christmas  cooking
A selection of Christmas crafting goodies from Debbie Cripps
A £5 Love To Shop voucher from  Nivea
A £10 Amazon voucher
A CD of songs for babies
A box of chocolates
A rose facial oil
A pack of windscreen wipes
A lip gloss
A double presentation pack of stamps
A voucher for a £55 manicure  from Cuticura's Facebook page
A £25 voucher  from Spafiners' Facebook page
A nail polish from the Sainsburys Cadburys Bliss  text competition
and finally, a Donkey Kong  game. from the rather puzzling text/WAP competition I mentioned in my post "A Comper Goes to Basingstoke" 


  1. well done Jane

  2. I actually had my first and only win of the year a couple of weeks ago! A CD my husband will love as a stocking filler!


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