Friday 20 August 2010

What's the strangest thing you have ever won?

At the moment, Belgian beer company Vedett has a truck travelling round the country visiting bars in the Living Room chain. The truck is shaped like a beer bottle, but is actually a cement mixer - and you could WIN it!!! To enter, visit the website using the link above and estimate how far the truck will travel on its journey around the country. You can see a complete list of the areas it is visiting in the "follow the truck" section of the site, to help you with your calculations. The competition closes on September 3rd so grab a satnav and a calculator..... and the very best of luck! The competition is aimed at ordinary people, not truck drivers, but if the winner wants to drive the truck they will need an HGV licence, but the promoters have thought of this and are offering a cash alternative.

It set me wondering what the strangest thing anyone has ever won is? I'd love to hear what YOUR strangest prize was - whether it was big or small, good or bad. Please tell me by posting a comment to this (if you'd rather it wasn't published on the blog, please say so in your comment and I'll keep it anonymous - after all, there are some VERY strange prizes out there!) or by sending me an email

Over the years I have won some very strange prizes, including a pair of vibrating knickers and an afternoon spent making pizzas in the window of a takeaway (it turned out not to be TOO strange though as I got to keep all the pizzas I made plus the same number of professionally made ones)

My forthcoming holiday to Canada could have been rather terrifyingly strange, as when I was phoned and told that I'd won it, they said it included a heli-skiiing experience which I gather involves being dropped out of a helicopter at the top of a mountain and having to ski to the bottom. Luckily when I pointed out that my husband and I are middle aged and neither of us has ever been on a pair of skis, they offered a whole range of alternative activities so we are going to have a packed an exciting holiday without risking life and limb.

So now I'm going to hand over to you. I'm looking forward to hearing about your strange prizes and hoping that before long I'll hear that one of you has won a very strange cement mixer!


  1. A few years ago I won a yellow 'Utterly Butterly' coffee mug and every time the sun shone on it, it played a tune. Can't remember the tune now as husband threw the coffee mug away 'cause it drove him mad. Received several bottles of whisky and the only strange thing about them, they dissappeared. I don't drink whisky but someone here does!!!

  2. I won a 12" ceramic vase with Coronation Street characters emblazed all over it - not a pretty sight! I also once received a red and white cotton bandana which arrived in the post with no note to say where from!

  3. My strangest prize [and most useless]was a six foot long inflatable banana! Top prize was a Caribbean holiday which would have been far more acceptable!

  4. More comments have arrived by email:

    Stephen says "My strangest win (which arrived by post) was a wormery, complete with 2000 worms….

    I also won a night behind a bar pulling pints with Jonny Vegas, but figured it was cheeky of them not to at least pay me for working for them!"

    and Sandra says "my strangest prize, over 10 yrs ago now, was a set of locking wheels nuts for a truck! Still, I managed to sell them for £100"

  5. my strangest win which still has me in hysterics today was an empty jam jar


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