Thursday 26 August 2010

Friday's a Fantastic Day to be a Comper!

Every Friday should be declared a public holiday for compers! Why? Well, there's just so much to do on Fridays!

For a start, the lovely Mellow Mummy posts her weekly round up of competitions suitable for parents (or grandparents) of babies and toddlers.

And the delicious Superlucky also posts a weekly round up, this time of competitions being run on blogs of all kinds.

Meanwhile Twitter tends to go into a frenzy of Friday-only competitions. Feel free to follow me, @janesgrapevine because if I'm around I enter all those I am interested in and retweet even those I'm not, so that my followers can see them - but please remember that retweeting MY tweets won't get you entered into a competition. If you want the promoter to see your entry, you must go to their own page and retweet THEIR tweet. For more about comping on Twitter, see my guide here. If you would rather find Twitter competitions for yourself, try searching for the hashtag #FreebieFriday which is used in lots of the Friday competitions.

And there is one more reason that Friday is a great day for compers. Several promoters have told me that their favourite time to phone winners of big prizes is mid to late afternoon on a Friday, so that they have all weekend to enjoy and celebrate the good news.

So why am I posting this on a Thursday? To give you time to cancel everything, get ahead with the chores and clear the decks for a Friday frenzy of fabulous freebies. Have fun!


  1. thank you for all your tips and advice as always much appreciated @mrstracey1972

  2. Excellent, I'll be waiting for those WTC this afternoon then!

  3. Like this idea. We'll do our part!

  4. Great twitter tips, can't get on with tweetdeck, all moves too fast to see anything... would love to see a daily list of FB comps somewhere - I miss them all virtually or see them when it's too

  5. If you follow Competition Club on Facebook you will see a pretty comprehensive list of competitions to enter every day.

  6. @anonymous

    there is a great list here too, upated throughout the day! :)


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