Tuesday 29 April 2014

How compers interact with brands #compinfluence14

Here is an infographic showing the results of a survey of  nearly 900 compers, to show brands  how we relate to them and what kind of interaction from us they can expect in return for running their competitions. I'm sure a lot of brands will be surprised - and maybe it will encourage them to run more competitions.


  1. that's really interesting stuff. We've gone onto make even big purchase decisions (eg wardrobes!) based on having entered (and not even won) a comp with a brand. I always feel more favourable towards brands when i've had interaction with them via a comp. The only exception being if they do voting comps as they are unfair and leave bad feeling all round. (or fail to send out a prize which has also happened a couple of times).

    1. I agree, a lot of the brands I use regularly are ones I was first introduced to as a result of a competition. Brands need to be aware that the reverse is also true though - a badly thought out or administered competition can generate a lot of negative publicity. We compers don't like to suffer in silence!


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