Friday 18 April 2014

Do you hate voting competitions?

So do I, they are open to so much abuse, cheating and vote buying. As well as incessant pestering for votes. If you read my guidelines for promoters wishing me to list a competition  on here, you will see that I turn down any competition where the winner is chosen by a public vote.

I've started to sound like a grumpy old woman recently, with the number of vote requests I've refused and voting "event" invitations I've turned down (what kind of a event is it, anyway, if there's no wine and cake involved?). And since a grumpy cat is better than a grumpy woman, I created this meme - do feel free to grab it and use it yourself if you wish!  Older readers may remember the signs that corner shops displayed in the 1950s and 60s that said "Please do not ask for credit, as a refusal often offends" which was my inspiration for the picture.


  1. Yes, I agree Jane, they are quite unfair. I've never entered one since my young son had a really artistic photo of something he had made and despite asking friends to vote - who won but a small spider cut out of black card, with no effort put in. I usually put a comment on now that I won't be partaking, so thanks for the photo, I will save that.

  2. I totally agree Jane, it's the difference between how many people you can get to vote for you, and how you deserve the prize purely on merit, bring back the PROPER comps with tie breakers & qualifiers, I cannot stand all the 'I've got more votes than you' attitude, which isn't fare or right. Have a Happy Easter anyway.

  3. I total agree, some real cheating going on votes, i hate voting comp, and steer well clear of them, happy Easter Jan, and to all the gang


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